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Don t run, demon king

Don t run, demon king

Don t run, demon king

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    Don t run, demon king
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    Jumping eggplant
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    18ws Read
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2022-05-18 09:33:27
Yang Yu, a stand-alone anchor who lives on selling strategies, died quietly in bed after 72 hours of games not knowing that he was dead, he was invited by God to play an RPG game and was encouraged to choose the hardest civilian start can't even beat a shrem in the novice village? Want to learn a ridicule skill, but you have to speak artificial ridicule? The lottery only takes out garbage faced with many difficulties, he was... Excited the real high player is never afraid of challenges, just afraid that the game is too simple seeing the barren panel gradually plump and the unprecedented satisfaction filled his heart, Yang Yu gradually indulged in making things and couldn't extricate himself "hey? There seems to be a single brave man ahead. Look, I turned him into a combat effectiveness measurement unit! Shit, it's found. Don't run, brave man!"