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Tufted earth

Tufted earth

Tufted earth

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    Tufted earth
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    Novice Li Taibai
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    Used Book
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2022-05-23 08:23:56
In 2850, the oxygen of the earth was reduced to three tenths of the normal state, and the survival probability of human beings, animals, plants and animals was greatly reduced. A group of young people who wanted to save the world left home and went to the main research project of the save the earth plan composed of the world alliance. Plants survived and produced food and oxygen. Countless studies and experiments took a long time. They finally succeeded in 2900. A group of elderly people, Cry more fiercely than children. Only their elderly people know how bitter their tears mean, how much they miss and how guilty they are The woman who waited for him all his life and the family who loved him. However, things have long changed, and family and lovers are no longer alive. Only a group of elderly people in their 80s have given up their dream of saving the earth and changing the world. Family affection, love and friendship have been studied hard in the basement for more than 50 years in order to change the world and save the earth dream. When everything is successful, people are old, and lovers and relatives are not alive. But in order to return to the peak period again in the future, a group of people in their 80s are fighting for mankind with their old bodies. The story is quite moving. If it can catch fire, it will be changed into a cluster and change another ending again.

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