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Cards: summon my fist as an attack

Cards: summon my fist as an attack

Cards: summon my fist as an attack

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    Cards: summon my fist as an attack
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    Kafka in the cloud
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    Cook Books
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2022-05-18 23:49:38
As a member of "secret spy", I sought the right direction in endless pursuit I have also turned into a "monk" who pursues the true meaning of martial arts, and hit a fist full of great meaning and brilliance in the challenge arena I've heard of the legendary life of the "dragon destroyer swordsman" who is an enemy and accompanies the dragon also witnessed the "revenge dead" dancing among the corpses at dawn< *** Br > in the face of the disaster that is about to come to the real world, I have long realized that what I have experienced is not just Baichuan of the game. I decided to hold high the fire of change and act as a savior of interest but... Bai Chuan looked at the jellyfish head boy with a giggling face and fell into silence then he took out a stack of cards "boy, do you want to be a hero?" key words: game king, katu story, heavens, behind the scenes

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