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Global advent: Doomsday desert island game

Global advent: Doomsday desert island game

Global advent: Doomsday desert island game

Rating: 9 / 10 from 38884 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Global advent: Doomsday desert island game
  • Author:

    Immortal ah Shui
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    Cook Books
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When I woke up, the world changed dramatically, and billions of human beings scattered into desert islands the desert island is shrouded in fog. There are terrible zombies, survival materials and weapons on it if you want to live, you can only start drifting on a desert island and search for survival supplies Meng Hao has awakened the divine level air transport system. He can get 100 times the reward if he gets any reward novice gift bag, a wooden stick and a storage ring 100 times reward (optional) 1. 100 ordinary wooden sticks and 100 storage rings (1m3) 2. A 98K sniper rifle and a storage ring (100m3) Meng Hao was invincible when he got silver equipment at the beginning kill zombies, find treasure boxes, devour islands and upgrade bases when others were still carefully beating zombies, he had already crossed the desert island world with full equipment and a base Battle Fortress when others are still struggling to survive, they have distributed the surplus materials to their relatives and friends.

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