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Come as God

Come as God

Come as God

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    Come as God
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    Cook well
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    Light Novel
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Zhao Ming was exiled to the planet prison - nuclear waste star, savage animals and plants, terror and danger he has a genetic engineering system, but he regards it as heaven the whole planet is an experimental field screening species, civilization evolution, gene evolution, emancipation of shackles a red ant is majestic and calm: "there are ancient ants before the sky!" a golden fly flutters its wings and roars: "I am called the emperor in the East and the first in the sun!" ... insects, flowers, birds and animals have become the gods and demons of the world wearing a spacesuit, Zhao Ming stood outside the test field, like a God and a way, overlooking: "it still needs people to guide the real evolution of civilization and the continuous optimization of genes!" ... in the human world, someone missed a link in the game forum "sit and forget in the game and become a God. Welcome to the wild world of nuclear waste stars and take you to appreciate the true meaning of life!" be holy in the game, liberate the gene lock in the present world and become stronger in evolution so far, mankind has risen!

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