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Zombie City

Zombie City

Zombie City

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    Zombie City
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    Golden demon king
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    Day Books
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2022-05-22 00:33:57
Introduction writer Edition: the virus is rampant and zombies are rampant. In order to survive, we must stay away from zombies, but also in order to survive, we must take the initiative to fight zombies this survival game starts with life and ends at the moment of being bitten let's see how the little man Chen Fei rises step by step and becomes the master of the end of the world ------- Introduction to the protagonist's readme: Chen Fei: Hello! I am the protagonist! Please make complaints about what the protagonist system is, or what a blessing in disguise, and my system is what I gave myself! Br > I never realized that I was the kind of person who didn't even show mercy to myself in this setting, I have an MMP to greet the author Book Group: 621014745