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Wu Xia Zong: start with nephew Xiao Li Feidao

Wu Xia Zong: start with nephew Xiao Li Feidao

Wu Xia Zong: start with nephew Xiao Li Feidao

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    Wu Xia Zong: start with nephew Xiao Li Feidao
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    Canglong xianyuexuan
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    Mountain Book
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2022-05-22 12:09:01
A school of seven scholars, father and son three flowers Li Qinchen: wait, second uncle, you said that the seven Jinshi in our family are you, my father, my grandfather, Li Qiushui, Li Canghai, Li Chenzhou and Li Chunfeng Li xunhuan: to be exact, Li Chenzhou is not our Li family, but an outsider's surname. He wants to be born and the Li family wants fame. It's a deal Li qiochen: Li Qiushui and Li Canghai are... Li xunhuan: they are in the great Song Dynasty and represent the separation of the Li family and the Song Dynasty. In those years, women disguised as men won Jinshi. And I'm the representative of the Li family in the Ming Dynasty. As for the Li family in the Tang Dynasty... Li lichen: I see. The representative is Li Chunfeng Li xunhuan: No, Li Chunfeng and Li Chenzhou are similar, just clinging to relatives. The real lineage of the Li family is Li Zhi, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, the great song and Ming Dynasties. In fact, they are all branches of the Tang royal family. We are all royal relatives Li Qichen: ah... Li xunhuan: so you... Li Qichen: I still don't study the Tang, song and Ming Dynasties are divided into China, and the five realms of Jin, ancient Huangliang and Wen are chaotic this is a comprehensive martial arts world the story of Li forgetting the dust begins with Xiao Li's nephew, inheritor of Xiaoyao sect, house selection relative of Tang royal family and holder of Jianghu order system.

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