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I m a soldier with a sword

I m a soldier with a sword

I m a soldier with a sword

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1786 ratings
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    I m a soldier with a sword
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    Spicy pot
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    Wine Novel
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2022-05-21 15:59:55
Wei Dayong crossed into monk Wei in the sword awaken the God of war system, integrate super soldier serum, and kill ten elite devils with bare hands at the beginning he took his brother from the POW camp to Li Yunlong Li Yunlong looked unconvinced: "just you, kill ten devils with your bare hands?!" Wei Dayong: "what's the matter, not just ten devils?" Li Yunlong: "go where you like. I, Li Yunlong, don't accept soldiers who can only boast!" Zhang Dabiao: "compare with me?" then, Zhang Dabiao, the first expert of the independent regiment, was kicked off by Wei Dayong, I haven't got up for a long time Li Yunlong: "no, I like soldiers like you!"

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