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The rebellion of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty

The rebellion of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty

The rebellion of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty

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    The rebellion of the emperor of the Ming Dynasty
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    Mars and mercury
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2022-05-19 23:02:37
In the Chenqiao barracks, the officers and men put on the Dragon Robe for the commander while he was sleeping officers and men: general, let's go back to the capital and embrace you as Emperor the general sighed: this number has been abandoned again. Then he pulled out his sword and killed himself soldiers: (overhead big text, chaotic timeline is normal) during the Wanli period, Daming finally ushered in its last highlight moment, but Daming in this time and space seems particularly unfortunate in the north, the rising Mongolian and Jurchen tribes marched madly southward under the pressure of the small glacier, and the Czar's Cossacks knocked on the northern border of the Empire in the south, the independent chieftain was ready to move, and the mysterious man with black hair and white robes opened the forum to preach and preached that he was the second son of God on the sixth day in the East, the golden haired and blue eyed demon king unified Japan and vowed to take China first, then Tianzhu, and put the whole Asia under his own control overseas, the Ming Dynasty's sea invaders have set up separate regimes and established their own countries. The British fleet, the new overlord of the sea, sailed in and peeped curiously into this ancient and mysterious empire in the Forbidden City, a 10-year-old Strider took the throne with the help of Zhang Juzheng and Feng Bao. As an enlightened feudal tyrant, how would Zhu Yijun deal with the internal and external troubles of Daming, and which road would lead the country

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